Eliminate Refund Requests and Open a Powerful Revenue Stream with
Booking Protect

Do you want to add a no-cost revenue stream to your business AND provide additional value to your customers?

Now available on the OvationTix platform, Booking Protect allows your customers to purchase refund protection for their tickets.

Why should I get Booking Protect?

Booking Protect is revenue-generating. You get 40% of the revenue that Booking Protect generates on your ticket sales.

It is entirely hands-off for your organization. Booking Protect handles all refund requests and makes all payouts. Additionally, implementation is quick and easy.

It allows you to offer a higher level of service to your customers by allowing them to purchase ticket refund guarantees in case of an incident.

Booking Protect is also an award-winning partner, having won the Special Coverage Award at the 2018 Commercial Insurance Awards.

What is Booking Protect?

Booking Protect is an integrated OvationTix partner that allows your customers to purchase refund protection for their tickets.

This allows them to get full, 100% refunds in case they cannot attend your event.

It covers a variety of incidents such as accidents, illness, home emergencies and more. For a full list of incidents covered by Booking Protect, click here.

This is an optional add-on during the ticket purchase process, much like refund protection you can get when you buy airline tickets.

Booking Protect in OvationTix

How does it work in OvationTix?

With Booking Protect activated on your account, it can be enabled or disabled on the series level.

Booking Protect will then appear in your online ticket purchase flow as well as in QuickSell+.

In your OvationTix financial reporting, revenue from Booking Protect will be labeled ‘Ticket Protection’ and will be listed under ‘Other Sales’.

Your organization will then receive a portion of the revenue generated at the end of each month.

How does it work for ticket buyers?

The ticket buyer opts in to refund protection during the ticket purchase flow and receives a copy of the terms and conditions.

The cost of refund protection is based on the price of the ticket to make it fair relative to the cost of the ticket.

If the ticket buyer needs to claim a refund, they log in to the Booking Protect portal, enter the appropriate claim information and are then assigned an agent who will cover their case.

The Booking Protect team will then process the claim within 48 hours given that all requested information is provided by the customer.

“Partnering with Booking Protect has been an amazing experience for us. They handle everything for us in an online, real-time way that really makes our customers happy.”

Jim Aldridge

General Manager, Mirvish Theatre Group